Friday, February 6

My House is Muddy

Because of the stupid dogs!!! I got home from school today and the floor was covered in paw prints, which I have yet to clean up. But I did at least towel the dogs dry. I'm going to try to not be home when my parents get here.

I'm pretty sure the piano is getting tuned tomorrow, so yay!
And today is pay-day, so yay!

I'm less overwhelmed by my advanced reception of ASL class than I was last week, minus the amount of watching video tapes we have to do. My friend and I watched one together though, and it was this guy telling a story about a dad telling his daughter a story about how wood burns. His explanation was that as a tree grows it takes in all the heat from the sun, and then when you cut it down and put a match to it it gives said heat to you! And it was hilarious, because it was the corniest thing I've ever seen in my life. We laughed a lot. Hopefully on the videos I still have left to watch there will be things like that to keep me awake.

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