Friday, February 6

7 is the One I'm Most Worried About

1. Finish reading "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by mid-March.
2. Read 5 books I haven't already read by June.
3. Also re-read HP & Deathly Hallows by June.
4. Go to every single Wed night Institute class I have the chance to, at least for this semester.
5. Make curtains & hang them in my room by the end of May.
6. Learn to cook/make/whatever 3 more things by the end of February.
7. Only spend one hour on Facebook a day.
8. Save two days each Mon-Fri to do something with friends, and be the one to instigate said "do-somethings."
9. Try to learn a new sign each day I have direct contact with ASL.
10. Watch & send back each Netflix movie within a week after receiving it.

1 comment:

  1. You totally could live with me! Transfer to BYUI, I don't think the deadline's until the end of this month, and like all my roommates are moving out!!! Do it!! And I totally live at the skanky complex in Rexburg, so you won't be surrounded by Molly Mormons!