Friday, February 13

I'm Not Sure What to Call This One

So I ordered Yes Man online from last Friday, and it still isn't here yet (I didn't want the movie cover version and that's all the store has). I'm slightly frustrated.

This morning I was playing in Photoshop and made the custom skin for my playlist at the bottom. Yay! Unfortunately there's only two options for the text color in the generator - black or white. I think the white looks better but then you can't read the title of the song playing now so I went with black. Hopefully in the future they'll have more options.

Yesterday I went to Bryson's house because we decided to have a cookie-making extravaganza! Ohmygoodness. I am so cookied out. I thought it would take just a few hours to make two different types of cookies. I showed up at 2:30 in the afternoon, and then left his house at midnight-ish. Granted, we took a break for dinner and to watch The Office, but the rest of the time we WERE making cookies. Our sugar cookie recipe made quite a few more than we were expecting. We used all sorts of cookie cutters, though, which was fun. We had pumpkins and ghosts and hearts and Christmas trees and ornaments and trains and cats and leaves and little star things which look a lot like shurikens, among others. My camera broke last week or else I would have taken pictures. Let your imaginations go crazy! I'm off to go play around on my in-tune piano!!

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