Wednesday, June 10

Tuesday, June 9

I Don't Like Bugs.

Brandon and I have been dating for three months as of last Saturday! We decided to celebrate by heading to the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk and getting our rollercoaster on since we had some left over tickets from the last time we were there. We headed up around 5ish, and after an hour or two of rides, we decided to go grab a bite to eat and then come back for more. Unfortunately, we finished eating around 8, which is when it started to shut down. LAME! Make sure you check the hours each day before heading out there - it seems every weekend is different! But we still have some leftover tickets, so it just means we'll have to go back. :)

This morning I was in the backyard planning on reading and swimming. Plans were interrupted when this giant bug thing decided to make an appearance. It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen. It somewhat resembled a carpenter bee, except it looked like it was about two to two-and-a-half inches long; I could see its "stinger" (I'm not entirely sure it actually uses it to sting things, as I have no idea what kind of bug it was) from across the pool. It was fascinating, until it decided that I was as well and decided to get a closer look at me, at which point I screamed, dropped my book, and ran half naked the long way around the house to get back inside (I went the long way because earlier I had seen a spider on the gate going around the short way). When I got to my room I looked out the window to see if it was still there, but all I saw was my copy of Ender's Game slowly falling apart in the water. Sad day.

In other news, check out the video to see how the virtual choir of "Sleep" is coming along. Start the vid at about 2:50.

It makes me EXCITED!!