Friday, February 20

I've Been in Bed All Day

I've been listening to this soundtrack since I got the CD on Wednesday, and it gets stuck in my head so I have to keep listening to it. And then it gets stuck in my head more. Good times!

The title of this particular entry is somewhat misleading; I actually was up and around for about an hour and a half to shower, eat, and watch an episode of That 70's Show with my brother, but then I crawled back under my snuggly blankets, because I've got nothing better to do.

But I made a rather depressing discovery today: Not long ago I got up to get my Spanish dictionary from my bookshelf (because I wanted to text someone in Spanish), but I couldn't find it. I could only conclude that I threw it away when I was going through that massive room-cleaning phase, because I did throw away some books. But why would I do such a thing? I'm upset at myself.

Tonight I'm going to Fremont to see The Rosa Lee Show, so I'm excited about that! :)

And tomorrow morning I'm getting my nails done with MacKenzie, so I'm excited about that too! :)

And then tomorrow afternoon I was asked to cover a five hour shift, so.... I'm excited for the paycheck?