Friday, June 24

It's Been Too Long

I find it hilarious, and not surprising, that my second to last post is titled "I Haven't Forgotten That This Exists." Because I still haven't, even though it's been over a year.

So, this will kind of be a hodgepodge of random things in my life:

Last August I went from being a Specialist in the Apple Store to a Family Room Specialist. The difference is before I sold products, and now I teach customers how to use their computers, and I also work at the Genius Bar repairing iPods/iPhones/iPads. I had to work full time in order to get the job, which means I took this last semester off (the semester before that in the fall I took an online class but that was a disaster). BUT, happily, I am going back to school this fall, and am taking the summer off to play around before then. My last day at Apple is next Tuesday, the 28th. It's both happy and sad (but mostly happy). This isn't the only reason I am thoroughly excited for this date, though. The extended cuts of The Lord of the Rings on BluRay come out that day, and I have had mine happily pre-ordered for a few months now. I can't wait! (Also, if you know anyone who wants piano or violin lessons, hit me up.

We just recently bought a new TV, and let me tell you, it is awesome. It's this one right here. We love it. Our PS3 looks a zillion times better, as well as all our (my) older game systems, too. Yay! We are also planning on replacing our archaic and ugly surround sound, which will be sweet. Every summer and winter my mom and I (and in the last few years, Brandon, of course) watch The Lord of the Rings, so we've got to get everything up to par to revel in aaaaallll the BluRay glory.

I've recently been obsessed with this guy. He is amazing! Here are some of my favorite videos of his:

and this one's been going rather viral lately:

Yup, I'm in love with him. Brandon's kinda jealous.

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  1. That guy is AMAZING! He just needs to shave and he's be perfect ;)