Wednesday, June 29

Another Post in the Same Month???!

Unemployed life is frickin sweet!

So far all I've done is play with my camera and Aperture, and listen to music on our sweet new surround sound. Look! A Flickr account! (More photos at my MobileMe Gallery.) I may have also slightly cleaned the house yesterday, which I will have to continue to do, to make sure my husband doesn't regret his decision to let me quit my job. The good news is, I now have two for-sure piano students, and possibly a third. Yay for supplemental income!

I have made a goal for myself in my new life to eat less, go outside EVERY DAY, and go swimming specifically three times a week (at least during the summer). Today I'm headed to Santa Cruz with some family, so that will be my outside time. For right now I'll continue to be a nerd on my computer and possibly play a video game or two.

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