Saturday, June 12

An Update in Reading Life

Finished Anne Frank's diary a few days ago, and just moments ago finished The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Up Next: The Scarlet Letter (I never read it in school). After that I'm debating between Jane Eyre, Bel Canto, or something completely different.

Perhaps you have suggestions? I like just about anything, as long as it's good. :)


  1. I had such a horrible experience with The Scarlet Letter in high school.
    I'm reading Sherlock Holmes right now, and it's so good, I could puke.

  2. I read The Scarlet Letter in high school and Miss Burnside made us wear one of our secrets on our clothes for a day and made our teachers sign a paper.

    Jane Eyre is pretty good. You should check out some Georgette Heyer books. She's pretty funny, I think you would like The Grand Sophy.

  3. Ha! I was going to leave a comment when I realized that I already did.

    I didn't mention how Sam Vu and I got into an argument in English over his chauvinistic views of The Scarlet Letter. It was good times.