Tuesday, February 2

Hello :)

Last night I started the new semester with my "Math for Liberal Arts" class. It wasn't so bad, but boy is it long. Three hours for a math class is too long! But at least it's only once a week.

I was recently called to teach the six year olds at primary, and this last sunday was my first lesson. The kids are good, but the hardest part is making them just face front and look at you!!

We are excited to get tax returns!! Our plan is to buy a new desktop computer, printer, and wireless router. I'm stoked :D I want to get our taxes done ASAP; Brandon just got his last W-2 so we're pretty much good to go now.

...I'm blogging about taxes. That means it's time to sign out.


  1. Why are you taking so many math classes??

  2. ...wow, spam comments much???

    anyway, courtney, i keep taking so many math classes because
    A) my first math class I took was a pre-req for one that counted towards GE (I did bad on my placement test)
    B) Last semester I think a demon took over me because I stupidly signed up for trig. Withdrew from that, and am now taking the "math-for-people-who-don't-really-need-math" class. Win!

  3. pleas coming to blog: