Friday, January 15

An Update in the Life of Your Beloved

How's married life? It's wonderful. Quit asking me. :)

Brandon and I like the new ward that we're in. Right now we're preparing to gives talks on Sunday. Well, that's a lie, because neither of us has started yet.

So far I am getting pretty good at:
-washing dishes as they get dirty
-regularly picking up the living room/avoiding clutter
-regularly cleaning off the bathroom counter
-keeping the kitchen table clear
-sending back my Netflix when I'm done with them (this is something I have struggled with)

Things I am not so good at:
-folding & putting away laundry
-cooking a real dinner when there are things like chicken strips/bagel bites available
-putting my shoes back on the shoe rack
-emptying/taking out the trash (though I did that one today!!)

Folding laundry is the worst. The WORST. I was never good at it. I hate it.

Brandon is back in school. He's taking an intro to engineering class and a programming class; he's learning how to write programs using C. He even taught me how to make an extremely basic one the other day. It was pretty slick.

Yesterday I stole Maggie from my parents and we went hiking. I've decided I'm going to do more hiking. I'd like to go at least once a week, and get comfortable with it again. Brandon and I talk about going backpacking and doing outdoorsy stuff but I need to get back in the swing of things if that's going to happen.

Anyway, that's pretty much the update. Not much happens anymore once you're old and married and boring.

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  1. Ahhh, you're not old and married and boring until you've hit a year. It's all downhill from there! :D Glad you guys are doing well!