Tuesday, September 1

Here it Is!

The inevitable first days of school post!

Classes I'm taking:
Fitness Yoga (I needed an extra unit, okay?)
Theatre Makeup
Deaf Culture
US History (up til 1880's-ish)

Yoga seems fine. I went and bought a yoga mat today at Target. It cost me $10.

Trig...I don't know about trig. Not only is it trig, but the teacher kind of reminds me of a particular girl at Washington Square branch... ask me who because I'm not going to say it publicly. Plus she was shocked to find that no one had text books on the first day of class, and she expects us to have homework done from the book to turn in by tomorrow, even if we don't have the books. Her reasoning is because we could go to the library to use a book or pair with another student. First of all, I don't know anyone in that class, since it was THE FIRST DAY, and secondly, I went to the library today to try to do my homework, but apparently there is only one copy of the book in the library, and someone else was using it at the time. I had no other reason to be on campus, and I was not about to wait an indefinite time for the student to finish, so I went home (and bought the yoga mat). I'm going back early tomorrow morning (EARLY) to try to get my hands on the book.

I am TOTALLY STOKED for my theatre makeup class, and also totally stoked it counts for art credits and I don't have to take some stupid art appreciation thing. Yay! My teacher seems pretty cool, and so do the rest of the people in class, hopefully. Unfortunately it's the class I'm probably going to spend the most on for materials and things; I already ordered the makeup kit and book, but I still need to go to the thrift store and Michael's for art supplies and towels and things.

I don't know anything about Deaf Culture yet. Class was cancelled today because our teacher was caught on 17. Apparently three lanes were closed and no one was moving. Yay, 50 miles out of my gas tank for no reason.

I have yet to go to symphony tomorrow, but hopefully it will be alright.

History is an online class - I've ordered the book and introduced myself in a thread but other than that I have yet to get involved.

...That is a lot of classes.

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