Tuesday, September 22

It's True...

...I'm engaged! :)

To Brandon Hansen, the most awesomest boy ever!

Enough with the gagginess.

Yesterday Stacey and I went dress shopping. I wound up picking one of the first dresses I tried on over at Trudy's bridal. :) We also went to In-N-Out, which was awesome because I hadn't been there in forever.

Stacey was also kind enough to draw me in the dress and post it on her blog, so here is the blogger equivalent of a "retweet," if you will:

And then Brandon and I did some cake exploring last night, and I also bought shoes to go with my dress so I can get it altered and hemmed right away.

... yeeeeeeeeeeee! :) :) :)

Oh PS: in case you're curious, the date is November 27 (Friday) with a reception Saturday evening on November 28.

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