Thursday, April 2

It's April!

Spring break is over. :(

The thing about spring break, is that once it's over, I'm so ready to be done with school, and it becomes really hard for me to get back in the swing of things. I think that's where being on the quarter system would come in handy - after spring break it's new classes time, which would make it way easier for me to be any kind of motivated. But the starting in early January and getting out in late June makes it not worth it. Hooray for semesters! ...But seriously. I'm so ready for summer break.

Good news: I got my car back Tuesday night! Oil leak fixed, brakes in primo condition-o, and new top! No more holes in the ceiling for me!

Bad news: Tuesday during the day I drove my parents' car to school and was fined $35 because I completely forgot to get my parking permit from my car. I was anticipating having had it back by then.

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