Thursday, March 26

Good Wednesday! :D

(Since I am out a car,) Brandon came and picked me up at 10:00-ish this morning, and we went to Safeway to get some potatoes for lunch as well as some sunscreen (not for lunch, just to clarify), plus some stuff his mom asked him to get. Then we went to his house where we watched Spongebob Squarepants for a good hour and a half-ish, and then I learned how to mash potatoes. We also threw some chicken strips in the oven and had a fantastic lunch! At around 1:30 my friend MacKenzie from school came with her boyfriend Ryan to pick us up and drive us to the beach! We were there for a few hours, went to the Pizza My Heart in Capitola, and then they dropped us back off at Brandon's house.

Then Brandon and I jumped on the trampoline (well mostly he did), and watched two and a half episodes of Lost on my computer, until the battery ran out. After that I got to see some amazing pictures of the Philippines, and hear some stupendous mission stories!

Long story short, a very good day. :)

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