Wednesday, March 4

I'm Frustrated.

Not to be a Negative Nancy, but... AAAAAAGGGGHH!

Today after my shower I went to put on my glasses...and realized they were nowhere to be found. They're not in my room, they're not in the bathroom, they're not in the kitchen or by the desktop computer, they're not on the piano, they're not in my car, the dogs didn't drag them out to the backyard, and no one in my house has seen them. I don't remember if I wore them earlier today before my shower, but I doubt it, and I know I had them last night when I walked into my house the last time before I went to bed. So they have to be around here somewhere. But I'm at a loss.

Anyway, after hunting around the house for a good while, I decided to just forget about it for now and let them find me. I had to go to Circuit City, because my camera is broken and still under warranty, and I want to get it taken care of before the place goes out of business. I'm already super frustrated because I can't find my glasses, and then I go into Circuit City to find out what I need to do about my camera. It was a Christmas present a couple years ago, so I don't have a receipt, but I figure the serial number on the camera will be able to give them the information they need. Instead, they ask me for the phone number provided when purchasing the camera, so I give them my best guess, which would be the house phone. They're all like "no that came up with something random that doesn't have anything to do with your camera." So I gave them my dad's cell phone number, and nothing came up. A couple tries later they decide to do my house phone number again and lo and behold, there is the information they need. They printed the paper out and wrote down a phone number on it and said "here, call this number. It will point you in the right direction at least." So I had to drive to Circuit City and deal with their incompetence to be handed a 1-800 number which will AT LEAST "point me in the right direction." So now I'm home, and I've been on hold just waiting for someone to talk to for 28 minutes and 16 seconds now. I figured I'd blog while I waited.

Okay so maybe the point of this one was to be a bit of a Negative Nancy but better I take it out on here rather than on you personally, no?

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