Wednesday, January 21

School is Starting Again

Which means I have to get my butt in gear and finish cleaning my room.
So what am I doing? that's right. Sitting here unshowered and still in PJs on the computer. I got most of the icky stuff done, I just have to find places for everything on my table, hang up some clothes and do another load of laundry, and then vacuum. I also have some projects I have to do, like get a new light cover and fix the ethernet so my TiVo will work again (now that all the shows are starting), plus I want to make curtains so I can put up the curtain rod that's just sitting on the floor. Shouldn't take too long, it's just putting forth the effort to go get fabric, and then going to my grandma's to use her sewing machine. Oh, also I need to wash the windows and replace the screen, thanks to my lovely dogs (I can also thank the lovely dogs for my ethernet problems).

So anyway, finishing the cleaning part of doing my room is the goal for today, and then tomorrow I'm planning on going back to Santa Cruz to visit Stephen and friends one more time before my life is consumed by piles of homework once again.

Can you tell I'm just babbling for the sake of an update? I'll quit now.


  1. Yay clean rooms! Aren't they awesome?

    Also, I have curtains but no rod. This is kind of like Gift of the Magi crazy.