Monday, January 12


I started reading Yes Man not too long ago. So far it's fantastic - I love the style it's written in.

As you can see, I fixed up the blog a little bit; the Across the Universe layout was just not doing it for me. Also, I know it was impossible before to leave comments, but I think I've fixed it, so go ahead and try! :) Also also, there was a request that I should put my furry friend back up, but I can't find the website where I got him. So for now no furry friend, but I promise I'll keep looking!

Yesterday my mom cooked for real. Like, with a recipe book and everything. It was okay. I'm gonna try my own hand at it probably next Sunday.

Saturday my family went over to our grandparents' house near Saratoga and helped out with yard work. It wasn't so bad, I just mowed all the lawns. I think it's going to become a once-a-month thing.

My mom's been acting rather Mormon-y lately what with her sudden desire to help out my grandparents and her cooking schemes. Plus yesterday she mopped the living room and kitchen. It's rather disquieting.

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