Monday, August 3

August is here!!

And my birthday is two days away!! :)

I am going to Disneyland, because I can. Brandon and I are leaving early Wednesday morning, partying in Disneyland Wednesday, partying in CA Adventure Thursday, and Friday we're seeing the Eric Whitacre concert (WITH ERIC WHITACRE! :D), and hopefully we'll see Brandon's mission president while we're down there. We're going to be staying with my mom's cousin and her family, who I've never met, but hopefully it will be alright.

Two days ago my family and Brandon (and I) went to Outback to celebrate my mom's and my birthdays. I ordered the Bloomin' Onion for the first time, and it was delicious!! Definitely recommended.

Afterward we went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of yummy munchies to eat while watching Lord of the Rings. (Each summer and winter my mom and I watch the extended trilogy; Brandon is joining us this summer). Today is Return of the King - we're about to start!

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