Friday, May 22

So Far Today...

I finished Fahrenheit 451, and practiced the first fourth of DeBeriot's Concerto IX to relearn it. It's the only piece I performed at CMEA that I didn't get a Command Performance on (out of 6 pieces), and I need to start picking up the old fiddle again, so I figure that's a good one to start playing around with. Ignore the sentence structure of my last sentence.

My plans for the rest of the day include:
-showering (always a plus)
-visiting Grandma in the hospital (foot surgery, don't worry, I don't think she's dying)
-reorganizing my bookshelf (i have more books that i need to make room for)
-running/bike ride
-finish laundry
-watch the season finale of The Office
-start a new book

Sound like somewhat realistic goals? Hopefully I'll get to all of them.

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