Monday, May 11

One Amazing Week!

SO MUCH has happened since my last blog, but I feel like I never have time to write about it! That's a lie of course, but I've just found lots of other things to do with my time. Losing phones left and right and needing to find them and whatnot.

My week, May 4 - May 10

MONDAY: Watched The Empire Strikes Back with Brandon, and A's Game with MacKenzie & ASL Club. This was lame. We had bleacher tickets, but there weren't a lot of people at the game, so the group of people we were with decided to steal seats in the section right by third base. Sat there for a bit, felt super guilty, then moved back to the bleachers with MacKenzie, then went home early because we were bored.

TUESDAY: Return of the Jedi with Brandon, and brought over his birthday presents from both me and my mom. I'll let him blog about this one.

WEDNESDAY: Brandon's birthday! Spent hours playing with his new toys, had fantastic dinner, had upside pineapple cake for the first time (which is fantastic!), went to institute, then more hours playing with Brandon's presents.

THURSDAY: WICKED WICKED WICKED WICKED WICKED!!! That is all. It's amazing. See it. Do it. Do it. Do it. I was soooo hyper! I'm getting hyper just thinking about it :) :) :) So many good lines. Aaaaaaah, I want to be Galinda when I grow up. PS: Waiting to transfer from BART to CalTrain for 45 minutes at 11:30 at night is cold. And apparently very thirst-inducing.

FRIDAY: Brandon went surfing without me, even though I was the reason he got the invite. I was too busy grading papers. I forgave him though, because he took me to The Orpheum the night before. In the afternoon we played with Legos, and then put on the infamous surprise birthday party for both him and Rachel, which was a smashing success, and exchanged newly acquired movie gift certificates for tickets to Star Trek at 11:25! It was incredible!

SATURDAY: Went to the boardwalk for MacKenzie's birthday. Deep fried Oreos, Giant Dipper, tunnels in the sand, losing bathing suits in the ocean... Good times. Afterwards, went to Amber's for some fondue fun!

Ta-Da! That was my week. And now it's Monday, and I have a final tomorrow, and I am very not prepared. But oh well. It's my last class day of that class, and then next week is la fiesta!! =D

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