Sunday, November 2


Today I was on - a website that has a bunch of links to various vlogs/blogs related to Deafness and sign language. I ran across one vlog of a deaf man in England who uses BSL (British Sign Language), which was very interesting. He also had a few videos of himself signing in ASL, since he is in the process of learning it. I ran across another vlog of a signer using Auslan - Australian sign language. I already knew that BSL sometimes uses both hands to fingerspell, but watching the Auslan vlog I realized that Auslan does too. I think it's really weird that two out of three English-speaking countries would use both hands to fingerspell - it just seems so cumbersome to me. But anyway, I also ran across one blog of a hearing person who is learning ASL, and she is LDS. She talked about how one missionary promised their congregation that if they read the whole Book of Mormon in another language, they would have it mastered, and then she started talking about how she started watching the ASL version of the Book of Mormon. HOW COOL IS THAT?! I didn't even know it existed! I'm totally psyched; I am so going to do it!

Here's Nephi 1:1

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