Saturday, December 12

It's Been Too Long

The title of this one makes me want to say "Dahhhling!" which makes me want to watch The Incredibles because I love Edna.

I realized it's been over a month since my last post, which hasn't happened in the history of this blog until just now. But it's going to be short because these fake nails are killing me. Typing with them is so annoying!

So yay! Brandon and I got sealed in the Oakland Temple on November 27, which means I am officially unavailable now. Sorry to disappoint :) We spent that weekend in San Francisco and now are enjoying married life in a one bedroom apartment close to where I work (yay!). So far the most frustrating day was yesterday when I went to social security to officially change my name. I was running around for five hours trying to get it done.

I attempted to make cookie dough last night, which turned out disastrous, but hopefully I'll get better in time. Besides, I can't be worse them Sam, can I? :) The other night I made chicken, too, which also kind of sucked. I think I should just stick to pasta. Boiling water seems to be my forte.

Anywho, my husband just made me a quesadilla because he's amazing and we're about to watch a movie and I keep writing typos because of these stupid nails so I'm done now! I'll post wedding pictures, but they're available at


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  1. If the cookie dough looked and tasted more like cookies than frosting. You did a great job!