Tuesday, July 7

Hola Everyone!

Yikes! It has been almost a month. I'm not sure how I feel about this. It either means I have no life to blog about, or that I have too much of a life that I never have enough time to get to the computer. But then I'm still always on Facebook, so it must be the former.

Brandon surprised me yesterday (our four months) with a game of Harry Potter Clue! Dude. That game is bomb. Fo shizzle. Play it with me. Way better than regular Clue; the secret passages change, sometimes you're unable to go through certain doors, and you can be eliminated from the game by losing all your House Points. Yeah! Super fun!

Another fun game that I've neglected for a few years until just recently is Pirates of the Spanish Main. You buy little packets that come with cards with punch-out pieces to build ships, forts, and sea monsters, and then you sail around a table killing other players and stealing gold. Yesssssssssss. I forgot how much fun it was to play until I taught it to Brandon, and now he makes me play all the time. I've created a monster.

It's nice not being in school. I am taking an online class, which I should start doing a little bit of, but it's pretty easy. I just have to post online to the discussion and then cheat out of my textbook to get all the right answers on my online quizzes. No effort necessary. My favorite!

I've been working at the Apple Store for over a year now, and just went from a Concierge to a Specialist. What does that mean? Now instead of checking people in for the Genius Bar appointments and dealing with the angry people, I get to do sales and talk to nice people! That is a plus. Lately I've just been doing iPhone sales, but as soon as the demand for phones goes down I'll get more training on the computer stuff, which I'm excited for.

And other than that and spending all my free time at the Hansen home, that's about all I've been up to.

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