Tuesday, December 2

Avoiding Homework

Oh man I can't wait til Friday! My two huge projects will be over and done with, and I can go back to being a normal college student who doesn't do anything! After this week, only two more weeks left, including finals week.

The other night I did some Christmas shopping online. Man, things are expensive.

Today I posted a note on Facebook, 16 Random Things about myself:

1. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is stuffing.

2. My family ALWAYS takes the Christmas decorations (including the tree) down ON CHRISTMAS because my mom feels that once the presents are over, Christmas might as well be, too.

3. In fourth grade I was obsessed with Sailor Moon.

4. However, it was nothing compared to fifth grade (up through now), when I had my love affair with the Harry Potter books.

5. Speaking of Harry Potter, the movies are CRAP. Everyone is surprised to hear I think that, and it's annoying. (Note: the sixth movie trailer actually made me say in my head "I kind of want to see that." But I'm not holding my breath.)

6. Also in fourth grade (I think), the neighbor kids and I took our Barbies, our hamsters, and a video camera, and made the ever-classic film entitled "Planet of the Hamsters." Needless to say, fourth grade was awesome.

7. In sixth grade my hair was super short and I had no boobs so almost everyone I met had to ask me if I was a boy or girl. Those who didn't ask just assumed I was a boy. I suppose my name didn't help the matter.

8. I can admit that Twilight is very chick-flicky and I know that it is definitely not the most well-written book ever and that Edward Cullen doesn't really exist and is not just biding his time to come sweep me off my feet. I can also admit that my obsession with such things is completely ridiculous. Nevertheless, I am just that - obsessed. On the inside at least :)

9. I want to go to a LOTR convention. I am that nerdy.

10. I would most likely take any kind of emotional pain or stress over physical pain. (unless it was like my husband or kids died or something. Then I'd take the broken arm.)

11. Every year for Christmas I mostly just ask for video games.

12. I am one of the world's biggest procrastinators, and I know it.

13. All through middle school I wouldn't put anything up on my walls if it didn't have to do with Harry Potter. And the walls were full.

14. I don't like Apple's current aluminum look. I much prefer the older white plastic look.

15. I've never been to a wedding, unless receptions count, in which case I've only been to one.

16. No matter what book I read, almost every character's house has one of two floorplans in my head: A) My grandparents' house B) my old babysitter's house (note that the two are very similar, lol). If the houses in the book have stairs, then the stairs go where the hall is. I don't do this on purpose, it just happens to be how I wind up picturing it. I can only think of three houses off the top of my head where this doesn't apply: The Riddle House (from HP), 12 Grimmauld Place (from HP), and the Cullen house (from Twilight). Funny enough, the Riddle House and the Cullen house are pretty much the same, except mirrored. (And the inside of the Cullen house is white, where the inside of the Riddle House is all dark wood)

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